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Changes in the blowout battery pattern of the power market affect mobile power companies
Changes in battery pattern affect mobile power companies It is expected that the demand for the power battery market in 2020 will show more than 10 times the growth space than in 2016. When high-quality cell manufacturers shift their focus to power batteries, the market will be able to provide relatively low-capacity batteries. So, one
Not only comprehensive screen black technology, CITE 2018 will also release these big moves of smart terminals
CITE 2018 puts smart devices on the move From April 9th to 11th, 2018, the 6th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE 2018) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This year's CITE will show everyone including artificial intelligence, digital homes, new displays, smart terminals, new lithium batteries, new energy
CITE 2018 enters North America to create "China Night" in Las Vegas
CITE 2018 enters North America to create "China Night" in Las Vegas China Electronics and Information Expo Organizing Committee held the “China Night” and CITE Global Press Conference at the Bellagio Hotel in the afternoon of January 8, local time (morning, January 9, Beijing time) in conjunction with the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco.
Shanghai Industry and Commerce Bureau Sampling Mobile Power Banks: Half of the products failed
Shanghai Industry and Commerce Bureau randomly checks half of the charging treasures are unqualified Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce carried out market inspections and quality inspections of mobile phones and mobile power. The scope of the inspections includes shopping malls, specialty stores, and professional markets in 8 regions, including Baoshan, Huangpu, Jiading, and Jingan. 40 batches
Mobile power supply caught on fire
Power bank catches fire Mobile power supply caught fire. More than 100,000 brand-name bags of Guangdong women were burned. According to investigations, the accidental mobile power supply is not the cheap online shopping we often say, but from the hand of the big brand REMAX. REMAX is the fastest growing mobile phone industry in China in recent years success
Calling CEO Yuan Bingsong: Sharing the development trend of charging treasure industry
Calling CEO Yuan Bingsong: Sharing the development trend of charging treasure industry Shared charging treasure is becoming another investment outlet after sharing bicycles. On June 24th, at the spike forum of the 2017 (17th) China Entrepreneurs Magazine Future Star Annual Conference, Yuan Bingsong shared concerns about shared charging treasures that everyone cares about

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Extremely harsh environment does not matter NOCO waterproof mobile power
Extremely harsh environment NOCO waterproof mobile power bank Anti-proof products have always been very popular abroad. What the mobile power network shared with you today is such a high-definition three-proof mobile power: NOCO waterproof mobile power. The surface is made of impact-resistant and waterproof rubber jacket.
Quickly act as the road where the real charge should go!
Quickly act as the road where the real charge goes The discussion on the topic of "Shared Power Bank" is as hot as the coming summer. When every new thing appears, the heat of public opinion often leaves things behind. Taipower Jun is a pragmatic guy.
Romance launches fashionable Sun God 10000mAh power bank
Romance pushes the Sun God 10000 mobile power supply The Roman Shi Taishen 10000MAH mobile power supply inherits all the features of 20000MAH. The simple and exquisite appearance, comfortable feel and delicate texture make the whole product look very high-end atmosphere. This product is inspired by ancient design
Small capacity, high pricing, high two-way fast charge Samsung EB-PG950 mobile power supply
Two-way fast charge Samsung EB-PG950 mobile power Two-way fast charge Samsung EB-PG950 mobile power supply supports up to 15W fast charge, integrated USB-C interface, provides two color schemes of blue and gray, and a lanyard for easy carrying, except for less capacity at 5100mAh Besides, it is 4
Convenient and practical Ai Wo Ke Scorpion 8000X mobile power comes with four data cables
Ai Wo Ke Scorpion 8000X mobile power convenient Mobile power in hand, but always forget the friends who bring the charging cable? It is conceivable that this is a very common and crazy thing. Xiao Bian brought this mobile power to everyone today, let friends who forgot to bring the data cable

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Retro hand-made winds have a different mood
Retro Handmade Wind Music Bubble Power Bank Reviews In general, Lebuchun mobile power is still worth having. The combination of external linen / leather and mobile power combines cold technology and retro literature and art. Meet most
Practical not to pursue the highlights of Qiku mobile power evaluation [simple article]
Only talk about practical Qi cool mobile power reviews Recently, 360 Qiku quietly released a new 5000MAH mobile power supply. This Qiku mobile power is mainly thin and light, I have seen a 5 hair bill, the size is similar to it, and the thickness is less than 1CM is only 9.3MM, you can easily Put in
Easy to use and practical most important Wo Pin Xiao Wo P10 mobile power review
Wo Pin Xiao Wo P10 Mobile Power Reviews Wopin Xiaowo P10 mobile power supply has excellent electrical performance, stable output voltage and current, and a product conversion rate of 91.35%, which can be said to be the best. Slim body, comfortable grip, PC / ABS plastic shell, strong texture
Performance tops lead fast charge Meizu M10 mobile power data evaluation
Fast charge Meizu M10 mobile power data review The output conversion rate of the Meizu M10 mobile power supply is extremely excellent. In some ways, compared with the same capacity mobile power supply, it can make the battery life better. However, there is only a single USB port output, and the limitations are quite obvious. of course
Data plus disassembly Zimi ZMIPB810 mobile power in-depth evaluation
Zimi ZMIPB810 in-depth evaluation of mobile power The launch of Zimi ZMIPB810 mobile power has been well received by consumers. Only taking the product's online sales record in Jingdong Mall as an example. It has been on sale on April 3 this year. Why is the product like

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PISEN LCD library 20000mAh ¥ 138.00
PISEN LCD Library 20000mAh

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PISEN LCD Library 20000mAh
PISEN LCD library 20000mAh ¥ 138.00

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Wopin PD506 +
Wopin PD506 + ¥ 199.00

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Best BST-006 Little Apple 10000
Best BST-006 Apple 10000 ¥ 399.00

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